Digital Dial Customer Comments

Received my DD103 yesterday and it's in use today.Great product,easy hook-up,easy set-up!I'm very happy with it.


I know  you probably heard this a million times lol but great product so happy I don’t have to ask if I am on freq I can just set the band and tune to my home freq, and I don’t  have to listen to every one say your .5 . 8  low or high thanks again.


Hi Ron,

I recently purchased a DD-103 from  you via ebay.  I received it on February 1st, and had time to work with it last night.  I want to let you know that I'm very happy with the digital dial, and I think that it's an awesome product! 

I've looked at many of the digital readouts over the years, and they all had the same problem......only using the VFO to read the frequency.
Your design of using memory to calibrate the unit to the actual frequency received is a novel idea and a very unique way to solve that problem.

I'm using the DD-103 with my Collins 51S-1 that has aged crystals that are off as far as 25 kHz.  Using the receiver with the digital dial no longer requires recalibrating the mechanical dial.  When I set up the DD-103 no level adjustment was required and the unit set up and calibrated very easily.  I also like the blue soft readout.  

Thank you for taking the time to design a product like this.  I only wish I had found your digital dial sooner, as I love to restore boat anchor receivers, and could have used it many times in the past. 

Good luck with your ebay sales!  You have great products!  (I also have your DRM converter)



I received the box today and already tried it out, works like a Champ. It took longer to open the box than it did to connect the DD-103 and try it out. Needless to say, I am quite pleased with the DD-103



Thank you for your superb service.  I will be back to purchase another DD-103.  I have recommended them to many, especially Swan and Drake owners, works great with all of mine and blends with cosmetics!
73, BRAD

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the DD-103. It has made operating my Yaesu FT-101 all the more enjoyable. Keep up the good work!

I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the fast response on the DD103.  It works absolutely perfectly.  It sure makes tuning the ole TS-520 a snap.
Thanks again.

The DD 103 is very nice to have on the Racal because it uses a plastic film reel as display that could eventually break. So it's really essential to have a digital counter. The blue display is also a good color choice. Good job.

Hi Ron,

Just to let you know, the DD-103 arrived here yesterday and it works exactly as expected! Thanks very much.


Received the DD-101H ....easy installation and works great .....I'm very pleased .....It's fun running this old stuff once in a while and obviously having a DD is a great enhancement.  Good design .......thank you .........73 ........Tom


Got the unit, wired it up to 500cx per your instructions, used the auto program, works like a charm,  tnx, great product and service, i will give kudos on E-Ham.
73, Brad



A Beautiful Custom Drake Installation.

Received the BLUE dd-103, and got around to using it last night.   It looks great!!  And it works great!!   Thanks for providing the blue display, it matches the coloring on my Drake TR4C and my blue LED fan I use to cool the tubes.

Thanks Stephen

Connected to my John R. Leary modified SP-600 and it works perfectly after doing some minor tweaking.
Thanks for having such a great product for vintage receivers.

Les Locklear


Short note to thank you again. This is GREAT product (DD-101) I LOVE IT.  You get an old tube radio with new dig freq readout can't get better than that. I will order another soon.

Thanks again

Your DD-101H arrived back to me today.    BINGO!!!    I installed it and it works FINE!.     Thanks very much, i am a Happy Ham. 

Thanks very much, Chet

Hi Ron and happy new year.

Have received and connected up digital readout to my kwm-2 and it works great. I am very pleased with it and the workmanship. Well done. Use me as a reference if you need to. I would be happy to do that.

Kind regards Geoff vk3fabv

yippiiiii... FT-101EE works great with the DD-103

many thanks

73 de

Hello ESP,
What a great product!  Installed flawlessly -- works as advertised.  I tapped the 6.3 VAC on the way to the dial lamp -- not too inelegant a method.
Let me know if the pictures unzip OK.  You know it took a safe crackers touch to get that 10.00000 picture! <smile> BTW, the analog calibration is actually right on -- the picture is a parallax error.
I kept the Hammarlund plastic cover and chrome plated screws -- took a few washers to space it just right, but I think it looks cool.
Thanks for the great product!

This is one of the most splendid frequency counters due to the ease of use and the setup to use on our Yaesu FT-101b.  Thanks again for the DD-103 Universal Frequency Counter, please look forward to our continued patronage in the future...the word is out about your unit via our DX'ing!!!   What a breeze to tune in our pals, locally and abroad!
Thankfully,   Cliff

Hi, Ron. I received the digital frequency display yesterday (Monday). Thanks.

I've got it hooked up to my Hallicrafters S-40B, and it works well. I've got it hooked up to the cathode of the converter tube through a 100-pF cap. I wrapped one lead of the cap around the tube's cathode pin, and reinstalled the tube.

Since the S-40B doesn't have a VFO output jack, I didn't use the provided cable for the input to the DD-103. I am using a set of 'scope probes that have hook-type connectors. The other end of the probes has a BNC connector, so I picked up a BNC-RCA adapter at Radio Shack to match the DD-103's input jack.

I'm getting good, stable operation up to about 22MHz with R8 turned all the way CW. I'll wait until tonight when I can receive WWV and do some calibration. I may try a little larger value coupling cap to see if that will give higher frequency operation, although 22MHz covers most of the spectrum of my shortwave listening.

Thanks for a well designed product!

Hi Ron

Thanks for the connect check about the SWAN 500C. Unfortunately I missed an eBay auction.

First I have to say that the DD-103 is working very properly on my Kenwood TS-520S. I've calibrated with a TS-2000 and now it is very exactly.

Hi Ron,
The DD-103 arrived today, it is a very professional looking unit.  Thanks for the excellent service, I am a very satisfied customer.

Best Regards, Malcolm

Hi Ron,
With the outside temperature here in NJ approaching 100, I decided it was too hot for household chores and time for ham radio!
I just finished hooking up the DD-103 to my Drake R-4C and I am very pleased with the overall operation of the unit.  Now when my ham buddies kid me about the lack of digital readout on my old tube stuff I can prove them wrong!
I also appreciate your prompt shipment; it was a pleasure to do business with you.
Tnx & 73                                 Ed

Hi Ron,
The DD-103 kit arrived yesterday safe and sound but with no ICs, just as you thought.  Looks like a great kit - instructions look clear - quality very nice.  Please send along the ICs and when they arrive I'll just plug them into the sockets.
Thanks!   Phil


I've completed the DD-103 kit - instructions were great and soldering the boards went great.  I'm looking for connection information for a Hammarlund HQ-129-X.  Thanks for such a great product - and such a well thought out kit!



And by the way, I'm using the DD103 with an Atlas 210X, works great, calibration was neat, and the counter mode is very handy. If anyone asks about using it with the Atlas, piece of cake, and I'll validate.



Just received the DD-103, nice to finally get a nicely detailed and well built product.  My application is a HEATHKIT  HW-101.



I am really impressed with the quality of your DD-103.  I bought mine a couple of weeks ago and finally got around to hooking it up.  It works fine, but I have a couple of questions.


Hi, Ron.

Just to let you know the DD 103 arrived in great shape and very quickly after my order was sent in.  I have it installed on my Hammarlund HQ-150, and it works very well.  It does limit the ranges but I have not taken time to work on that.  Thanks for a great product that makes listening more enjoyable with easier identification of stations and frequencies.

Forest Osborn, Oklahoma

Hi Ron,

I have received the DD-103, It work very well. A question, for my receiver 51S-1 the shift for ssb is not necessary. I setting mode control fully CCW so the band number is displayed at the right in the display (AM mode, is correct?

Thanks, Marzio, Italy
Hi Ron,

The 103 works great on my NC183D.

Tnx----Doug (Oregon)

Just a note to tell you that I am very pleased with the DD-103.  Didn't have any holes to put the wires through on the R-388, so mounted two connectors on the back chassis.  Now the unit plugs in.  I have a R388 that Chuck Felton in Wyoming hot rodded and really love it.  This is the frosting.


I made the connections you gave me and the digital counter is working great.  Again I thank you very much.

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