N3ZI Universal Digital VFO 1000A / COLLINS

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The VFO 1000A is designad for all Collins receivers.  The 51J series, 75A Line, 75S Line, R390 and KWM2 are all supported.  It replaces the internal PTO.  All tuning is done with the VFO 1000A.  The receiver tuning dial functions like a pre-selector to peak the   signal. It does not extend the fequency coverage.  Installation is by simply removing the PTO tube and plugging the cable that I supply into the tube socket.  There are 30 possible bands so every Collins receiver can be accommodated.  The number of bands is selectable so you don't have to step through unused bands to get the band you want.  I will program the bands for your receiver, but it is easy for you to make changes when necessary.  Each band can be calibrated to compensate for your crystals that have aged.  With the VFO 1000A, tuning SSB is a snap.  Most hams operate on even 1KHz frequencies.  So using the 1KHz tuning step, SSB signals snap right in without careful tuning as required with analog tuning.  Tuning steps are 10Hz, 100Hz, 1KHz, and 5KHz.  Power supply is included.

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